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Jiangsu Qingfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
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Jiangsu Qingfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of centrifuges integrating R&D, production, sales and maintenance. The company has strong technical strength, sophisticated processing equipment, perfect testing means and internal management standards. It is a backbone enterprise with modern scale, strong scientific research capability and comprehensive processing capability. The company has a registered capital of 30.8 million, covers an area of 19,000 square meters, employs more than 100 people, and has an annual production capacity of more than 200 units. The company has ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, high-tech enterprise certification, enterprise safety standardization certification and 8 patents. The leading products are at the domestic advanced level. Our products are suitable for petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, smelting, biotechnology, metallurgy and other industries. The products sell well all over the country and are well received by customers.

The company's SS, SD, SG, SGE, PGZ, PG, GK, LW, HR and other series of centrifuges are widely used in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, dyes, environmental protection, Food, textile and other industries. Now it develops and produces twenty-two varieties of electric auxiliary machines, nearly one hundred and twenty kinds of specifications and models, which are highly praised by the majority of electric power and chemical users. Honest and trustworthy, customer first is the company's purpose, we will, as always, strive to make progress, continue to innovate, and make greater contributions to technological innovation in the power and chemical industries. All staff of Qingfeng Company warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit and negotiate business. I look forward to sharing the joy of success with you and building a better tomorrow.

In the field of environmental protection, we have developed the LW1000*3000 horizontal screw centrifuge with a processing capacity of 400m3/h, which has been put into market application. In the field of metallurgy, we are developing the LW430 re-selection centrifugal separator. The working principle of the re-selection centrifugal separator is to use the specific gravity of solid and solid, to fix the stratification under the action of the centrifugal force, and to use the special pusher. The heavy phase solids are pushed out, and the light phase solids and water are discharged from the liquid outlet, thereby achieving the effect of not requiring manual continuous operation. In the oil field, kitchen waste treatment field, we have developed LWS360, LWS450, LWS530 and other multi-type three-phase centrifuges, which can continuously separate oil, water and solid residue. We can also design separate mechanical products that are more in line with the customer's process requirements according to the customer's process requirements. At present, we have formed different application or process requirements for different customers, and carry out technical evaluation and individualized design. And strictly follow the work instructions for manufacturing and inspection production mode, and establish a lifelong product file for each product.

Adhering to the concept of “energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency”, the company has achieved three social, environmental and economic benefits and made positive contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises and society.