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Two-phase centrifuge

Two-phase centrifuge

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High-efficiency LW Series Two-Phase Centrifuge Treatment Program

Add the appropriate demulsifier, active agent, etc. to the oily water in the emulsified state by collecting the oily (waste) water and heating it by steam. After the oily (waste) water is separated by the grease trap for natural sedimentation, the upper layer of oil floating up in the grease trap is collected and integrated into the oil storage tank for further treatment. The water in the middle layer of the grease trap is used to break the oil and water. The mixture and the sludge settled on the bottom layer are collected and put into a stirred tank for further processing,

using a high-efficiency LW series two-phase centrifuge (oil + water) ) two-phase continuous separation of slag; centrifuge The separated water and the un-demulsified oil-water mixture are directly sent to the sewage treatment system for treatment, and the dewatering task can be completed by the LW series two-phase centrifuge with high efficiency dehydration, and the slag phase after dehydration can be burned or thermally desorbed. Recover residual crude oil. Among them, the ground sludge should be filtered by vibration to remove large particles of soil before heating and demulsification. Sand and glass bottles. Mineral water bottles, convenience bags, gauze and other domestic wastes and other solid wastes, after grinding and demulsification, use vibrating screen to further remove large particles of sand and gravel, and then enter the centrifuge.