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Pipe crusher

Pipe crusher

Product Details

Product Brief:

The pipe shredder is a flanged installation of pipes, which pulverize solid materials, suspended solids and slender fibers in the pipe transport medium into small particles. The pipeline crusher is mainly used in the sludge digestion tank in the treatment. The sludge dewatering machine reduces the sludge volume of the sludge digestion cycle, accelerates the digestion speed, and reduces the sludge circulation time. The pipe crusher belongs to the small grille decontamination machine, which is convenient and quick to use in engineering, saving labor and materials.

How it works:

1. Unique dual-axis design, cutting blades and pads independently of each other The sheets are mounted on two parallel rotating shafts and alternately overlapped to realize spiral cutting, and the cutting effect is excellent. Blades and gaskets are used as alloy steel for uniform performance, high strength and efficient crushing;

2. The blade is uniquely designed to crush hard and flexible materials. Coupling and rotating under the motor reducer, the protein centrifuge produces strong squeezing force and scissors force, which pulverizes the hard solid and flexible material in the pipeline. Low-speed operation torque is large, and the effect is good;

3. The mechanical seal and the skeleton oil seal combination sealing device are convenient for flushing, adjusting, using and repairing the seal;

4. Different water inflow, pipe mill has small head loss, good circulation and smooth water flow;

5. When a jam occurs, the control cabinet will issue a command to the shredder, the blade will automatically reverse, and the obstacles will be re-pulverized to achieve intelligent management and meet unattended requirements;

6. Use different gear configurations to configure the modular design to meet your specific application requirements.