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The electrical control system provided by the company is today's municipal, industrial, chemical products should be widely processed and mature. Electrical control technology. The main and auxiliary motors of the system adopt the frequency conversion start and control operation. The system has a high degree of automation, and the protein centrifuge has the following advantages: the host starts smoothly, and the stepless speed can be adjusted; the liquid of different solid content can be processed.

This control part has been extensively optimized to fully simplify the operation, and Zui has greatly realized the convenience and effectiveness of the operation. This machine adopts the power-saving control technology of the common DC bus. The power path of the auxiliary machine is supplied to the main motor by the common DC bus and the power supply to reduce the energy consumption.

Realize dynamic digital display system operating parameters and control:

1 Control and display of drum speed

2 Helical difference speed setting, control and display <>

3 Centrifuge control cabinet current display

4 Centrifuge machine bearing temperature display and interlock protection

5 Centrifuge vibration protection

6 Real-time dynamic generation, light alarm shows all electronic equipment failures, with historical alarm records

LW series sludge dewatering system flow chart

The following picture shows the company's sludge dewatering system The main equipment and system into the sludge dewatering process, the sludge dewatering system mainly includes horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge (host), automatic flocculant preparation and dosing device, shaftless conveyor, sludge into Material pump, sludge crusher, dosing pump, flow meter and fully automatic control system.

Main machine, sludge and dosing single screw pump, the operation of polymer flocculant dosing device is controlled by PLC programmable logic controller, and equipped with human-machine interface color LCD panel operation panel , Chinese operation interface, configuration real-time animation operation software. The system has high degree of automation and has the following advantages: the main engine starts smoothly, and there is no stepless speed regulation; it can meet the treatment of different solid content liquids; the original electrical parts of motors, inverters, etc. are all international brands, reliable quality and durable.

The control system consists of the main control part and the high-molecular flocculant control system. The main control part is the centrifugal dehydrator, the dosing pump, the sludge feed pump and other equipment to provide power, control and display alarm. To ensure the safe operation of the sludge dewatering system. The flocculant preparation and dosing system is provided with an independent electric control cabinet, which is provided with a flocculating agent, a dilution device and the like to provide power and control.