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Product Details

The spiral settling centrifuge passes the independently configured inert gas in use The control cabinet ensures real-time monitoring of the following parameters and functions:

*pressure inside the centrifuge housing MG

*Differential pressure between the inside of the centrifuge and the gas filling sealing points A1, A2 and A3 M1, M2 and M3

*Inert Flow rate of gas cleaning line S

The special sealing structure of this machine can prevent external air from penetrating into the centrifuge and prevent the gas inside the centrifuge from escaping to the surroundings. Environment. The gas seal consists of several sets of special sealing rings that are placed between the seal rings and penetrate into the interior and exterior of the centrifuge from a narrow sealed gap. Since the pressure of the inert gas to be filled is higher than the pressure of the external ambient air, and the differential pressure control between the inside of the centrifuge casing and the inert gas filling point can be easily realized by a specially designed inert gas sealing control device, it is completely ensured. The inside of the centrifuge is isolated from the surrounding environment.

Features of this machine:

The separation principle of this machine is the same as that of the general horizontal screw machine. The solid phase and the liquid phase with different specific gravities are different in centrifugal force in the centrifugal field to settle, and then the solid phase sediment is pushed out of the drum by the screw ejector, and the liquid phase is discharged from the centripetal pump to the horizontal screw machine. Solid-liquid separation. In addition to the characteristics of the general horizontal screw machine, this machine has the following features:

1. Unique inert gas (nitrogen) protection device - by adding inertia Gas (nitrogen) prevents flammable and explosive gases, and toxic gases come into contact with the outside air and prevents explosions from coming into contact with air. The unique sealing structure is different from the airtight structure of the general explosion-proof horizontal screw machine. The outstanding features are higher efficiency, better effect and stronger safety, which greatly reduces the consumption of inert gas (nitrogen) and saves The cost increases the safety factor of the flammable and explosive production site.

2. Adjustable centripetal pump device - This machine saves the trouble of changing the liquid level by opening the cover and replacing the overflow plate after stopping the machine. The heart pump can adjust the liquid level at any time during the operation of the machine, greatly improving the operability. The structure also avoids the disadvantages of the solid phase and the liquid phase in the conventional structure and affects the separation effect, thereby improving the separation effect. In the case where the on-site liquid delivery station is relatively close, the centering pump of the machine can replace a pump to deliver the liquid to a suitable distance.