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Product Details

Product introduction:

LGZ/PGZ series centrifuge is a high-tech centrifugal separation machine with multiple configurations to achieve full-automatic program control, aseptic hygiene, sealed explosion-proof, sludge handling equipment, multiple security protection, multiple configuration options, etc., widely used in pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food and other industries

Main features:

1. Flat structure, low center of gravity, smooth operation; four-point support, no basic installation form

2. Excellent liquid damping damping performance

3. Free-standing swash plate distribution device, uniform and controllable

4. Gas recoil and gas assist Scraper device, so that the residual filter cake is reduced to less, so that the filter cloth can be regenerated.

5. Nitrogen protection system to ensure safe operation of the machine

6. Large clamshell structure, the centrifuge controls the cleaning device, and the centrifuge is cleaned online to avoid cross-contamination of the product.

7. Multiple safety protection devices: over vibration protection, over current protection, temperature control protection, material layer control, blade stroke protection, open cover protection machinery and electrical Interlock protection, various warning and warning signs.

8.PLC program control, touch screen, inverter control, energy braking, feedback braking, device fault self-diagnosis, automated human-machine interface control, DCS Control interface.

9. The inner and outer surfaces are polished to a surface roughness of Ra0.2-0.4um, which meets the relevant requirements of the cGMP specification.

Configuration Selection Instructions:

1. Outline: Large open cover, fully open cover And flat cover a variety of structures

2. Cloth: swash plate distributor, side fabric tube, intermediate cloth tube

3. Scraper unloading: pneumatic, hydraulic

4. Electric drive: ordinary motor, variable frequency motor, explosion-proof motor, energy consumption Brake or feedback brake

5. Safety protection: nitrogen protection system, explosion protection, vibration protection, temperature protection, electromechanical interlocking, speed monitoring, overload protection /p>

6. Surface treatment: mirror finish, matt finish, passivation treatment

7. Electrical Components: Brand Supply

8. Residual filter cake treatment: gas backflushing and gas assisted scraper

9. Program Control: Programmable Control, Level Detection Device

10. Online cleaning: cleaning ball, spray tube

11. Nitrogen protection: automatic nitrogen supply device, liquid sealing device, Gas-liquid separator