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Product Details

LW horizontal screw discharge settlement centrifuge is imported and digested by our factory Based on foreign advanced technology, we have developed and improved ourselves. We have developed a series of centrifuges with international advanced level, which are more widely used than traditional separation equipment (such as belt filter press, frame and box filter press). The working environment is cleaner, with better performance, lower operating cost and smaller footprint. It has been widely used in various industries in recent years.

Working principle:

When working, the drum and the spiral rotate at the same time at the same speed, and the drum and the spiral form a 3-43r/ under the action of the differential. The differential of MIN (the differential can be automatically adjusted by the inverter), when the mixture passes through the central axis of the tube into the rotating drum of high speed, using the solid-liquid weight difference, it is expanded by several thousand times by the centrifugal force field. solid We were sedimented at a centrifugal force. Thereby, the solid-liquid separation is realized, and the body is separately discharged under the action of a special mechanism, and the entire feeding process and the separation process are continuous and automatically completed.

Main structure:

LW horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge mainly has motor It consists of components, differential parts, drum parts, spiral parts, base parts, cover parts, large and small end parts.

Main structural features:

*The main components such as drums and spirals are corrosion resistant Made of stainless steel or duplex steel, high speed limit and large separation factor

*Double motor control, drum, spiral speed can be adjusted steplessly

*Auger conveyor pusher surface is coated with wear-resistant alloy or hard-welded carbide

*Cycloid gear. Three choices of planetary gears and hydraulic differentials, large differential adjustment range, for different solid phase push torque transmission

*Multiple safety protection: Speed, differential detection, over vibration protection, motor overload and overheat protection, bearing temperature monitoring, screw pusher torque protection, sealed explosion-proof nitrogen protection, etc.

*JG type Special rubber damper without anchor bolts

*Design with reasonable aspect ratio and large cone angle

*The large aspect ratio can increase the settlement area of the material, prolong the residence time of the material in the drum, and greatly improve the solid phase removal rate. The filtrate is more clarified

*The advantage of the large cone angle drum structure: increase the extrusion force of the spiral cake on the filter cake, and increase the solid content of the filter cake. Under the separation factor, the filter cake is drier, the liquid is clearer, and the operation is more economical.