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Horizontal screw discharge sedimentation filter centrifuge

Horizontal screw discharge sedimentation filter centrifuge

Product Details

LWZ horizontal screw discharge settling/filtering centrifuge is A brand-new composite centrifugal filter has a structure mainly consisting of: a settling zone and a filter zone. After the slurry enters the sedimentation zone of the centrifuge, under the action of the centrifuge, the solid phase and the liquid phase are separated by sedimentation, the liquid phase is discharged from the big end of the drum, and the solid phase is transported by the screw feeder to the filter zone of the small end. Further centrifugal filtration and dehydration are carried out. Feeding, separation, liquid discharge, and slagging are all automatically and continuously completed.

LWZ horizontal screw discharge sedimentation/filtration centrifuge is mainly used for dehydration separation of slurry with solid particle size 0.01mm, and can simultaneously obtain sedimentation centrifugation. The machine is as clear as the liquid phase and the filter centrifuge is as dry as the solid.

How the decanter centrifuge works:

Horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation filtration centrifugation The working principle of the machine is basically the same as that of the ordinary horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge. It utilizes the solid-liquid specific gravity difference and relies on the centrifugal force field to expand it several thousand times. The solid phase is settled under the action of the centrifuge and is in a special mechanism. The body is discharged separately under the action, but in order to obtain a better dewatering effect, a filter section with a strainer is added to the solid phase discharge port of the centrifuge to further dehydrate, and the entire feeding process and the separation process are continuous. , sealed, auto-completed.

The horizontal screw discharge sedimentation filter centrifuge is more solid than the horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge, and the separation liquid is filtered than the conventional centrifuge. Machine clear. It is more suitable for solid phase dewatering and solid liquid separation where clear liquid is required.