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Axisless screw conveyor

Axisless screw conveyor

Product Details

Product use: Solid-liquid separation equipment

Mainly used to transport sediment, shipbuilding, mud cakes, etc., and can also be used to transport granular solids <>

Working principle and construction:

The shaftless screw conveyor is mainly driven by the conveyor , U-shaped trough, lining plate, beneficial plate, feeding port, etc., the material enters from the feeding port, and gradually moves to the outlet through the spiral to complete the conveying process.

Main features:

1. Reliable quality, stable operation, automatic control <>

2. Length, angle, in and out of the hopper can be customized as required

3. Sealed operation, Low noise, no leakage and other environmental pollution

4. U-shaped groove lining wear-resistant material, easy to repair, long life

5. Easy to install, fixed with expansion screw bolts

6. No tail support, easy maintenance, reduce running machine maintenance Cost

The key component of the centrifugal dewatering machine is the hub. The larger the diameter of the hub, the greater the dewatering capacity, but the manufacturing and operating costs are quite high. Very uneconomical. The longer the reloading length, the higher the solid content of the sludge, but the longer the reloading will result in a lower price/performance ratio.