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Plate centrifuge

Plate centrifuge

Product Details

Features of the flatbed centrifuge:

1) Select PLC control, program setting, Unattended automated operation, feeding, initial filtration, scrubbing, fine filtration, and unloading.

2) Variable frequency speed regulation, stable start, adjustable separation factor.

3) Energy-consuming braking, non-touch automatic method, no friction dust pollution.

4) Fully enclosed structure, the seal is made of silicone rubber or fluororubber, and the inside of the centrifuge is maintained by nitrogen to complete the seal explosion-proof requirements.

5) The structural design is reasonable, and the online cleaning system (spraying system) ensures the cleanliness requirements and meets the GMP standards.

6) The automatic action components are pneumatically cleaned.

7) RF admittance range control.

8) Optional gas-assisted scraper, no residual filter cake in the drum after unloading.

9) No bottom device, simple structure, beautiful appearance and convenient cleaning.

10) The design of the vibration-damping and vibration isolation system is scientific and reasonable. The balance block and the imported high-precision liquid damper type vibration isolator are selected. The equipment oscillation is absorbed by the vibration isolation system, and there is no ground and surrounding environment. Oscillating disturbance.

11) The equipment base balance board can be used as an operation channel, which is more convenient for operation and maintenance.

12) Safety maintenance: speed detection, over-oscillation maintenance, open cover maintenance, motor overload and overheat maintenance, scraper rotation, lifting mechanical electrical two-layer control, scraper and drum linkage determination.