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Single screw pump

Single screw pump

Product Details

Product use:

The pump is a positive displacement pump with a large lead The screw with the large tooth height and the small spiral inner diameter will be pushed out by the conveying medium along the axial suction end toward the discharge end. Made of highly wear-resistant materials, mainly used for the transport of 0.2-5% solid sludge and flocculant. The flow rate is controlled by frequency conversion.

The manual scraper centrifuge is a semi-automatic centrifuge that is unloaded by a manually operated rotary scraper device. It is divided into three types: a three-legged flat plate type. This machine is an efficient solid-liquid separator. The equipment, the solid-liquid mixture passes through the top feeding pipe and enters the body rotating drum, and the rotating drum rotates at a high speed to generate a large centrifugal force. The liquid passes through the inlet filter attached to the inner side of the rotating drum, flows out from the bottom of the centrifuge, and the solid is in the drum. A relatively thick filter cake is formed inside. After the separation is completed, it is required to gradually rotate the scraper device on the top side of the body, and the internal scraping blade is gradually moved from the center to the drum wall, and the filter cake is scraped off from the bottom of the drum. The gap is free to fall, and then the scraper is gradually lowered to scrape the material in the drum. The scraper must be reset after shutdown to avoid the scraper breaking and damage the machine during the next run.