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Three-box flocculant dispensing device

Three-box flocculant dispensing device

Product Details

Product Description:

The three-box flocculant dispensing device is a new type of high The molecular flocculant preparation device can continuously and automatically prepare the 1-3 concentration PAM flocculant, and automatically calculate the powder supply weight and the water supply flow rate. It can be continuously prepared and dosed into a centrifuge. The main components are:

1. Automatic dry powder feeding system

2.Automatic quantitative water injection device

3. Liquid level monitoring system

4. Mixing device pipeline valve

Continuously complete feeding, separation, dehydration, pushing material, supporting LW horizontal screw centrifuge, JY dosing device, cutting machine, screw pump, conveyor, etc. Different material characteristics are configured with large cone angle or small cone angle structure, large aspect ratio structure, length to diameter ratio ≥4BD plate structure, reducing sludge moisture content and increasing productivity.

Fully automatic dispensing system

Torque or current control, automatic adjustment of speed, differential and feed amount to prevent blockage, PLC program control system, large-size color touch screen, speed, differential control system, all equipment interlock control and protection.

The automatic centrifuge should pay attention to the problem. If there is a problem during the centrifugation process, the automatic centrifuge with the lock cover may not open the cover and cannot take out precious samples. It is often difficult for maintenance personnel to arrive in time. . Therefore, the selection of fully automatic centrifuges should have manual opening holes for urgent use. When installing the machine, it is necessary to ask the engineer how to use it. If there is an accident, there is still time to save precious samples.