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Cantilever Horizontal Screw Discharge Filter Centrifuge

Cantilever Horizontal Screw Discharge Filter Centrifuge

Product Details

LLW Horizontal Screw Discharge Filter Centrifuge is a Low energy consumption, stable performance, and good separation effect. Widely used in chemical, food, salt, mining, pharmaceutical and other industries (for the separation of dozens of materials, kitchen separation equipment, we have successful application experience, we can communicate with our technical staff in the selection to obtain More detailed information) In the separation process, the processes of feeding, dehydration, washing and unloading are continuously completed, and the production efficiency and automation are high. It is an advanced separation equipment.

Due to its separation principle and structural characteristics, it is also highly targeted to materials. Material analysis and corresponding experiments should be carried out during the selection to ensure Its application and separation performance.

How it works:

The suspension enters the spiral lumen from the feed tube and passes The spray head of the spiral small head near the bottom of the cone end enters the rotating drum, and the liquid phase in the slurry is separated by the screen disposed on the rotating wall under the action of the centrifugal force field, and the solid phase particles are trapped in the rotating drum; At the same time, the solid phase particles in the drum move from the small end of the drum to the big end of the drum under the differential force between the centrifugal force and the screw and the drum. During this movement, the centrifuge obtains the rotation diameter. Rapidly increasing, the solid phase reaches a low-humidity solid phase from the high moisture content solid phase at the initial entry to the discharge drum, thereby achieving automatic and continuous separation of the solid-liquid phase.