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How to improve the production power of horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge
- 2019-08-16-
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The spiral sedimentation centrifuge is especially suitable for liquid-solid separation with small solid particle diameter, small difference in density between two phases, difficult separation, and can also be used for liquid or liquid two-phase or liquid. The separation of liquid and solid three phases has been widely used in modern industry. The following is a brief introduction to the situation of the spiral sedimentation centrifuge in practice.

In fact, spiral sedimentation centrifuges can be divided into horizontal and vertical structures according to the structure and separation principle, especially the use of decanter centrifuges. The current main features of the device can be summarized as follows:

1. The spiral sedimentation centrifuge has a wide range of habits and can be used in many industries where solid and liquid separation is required. Separation process of liquid phase clearing, liquid-liquid-solid, liquid-solid-solid three-phase separation and particle size classification;

2. The spiral sedimentation centrifuge has a large customary scale for materials, and the equipment can Separate solid phase particle size diameter of 0.005 to 2 mm, solid phase concentration of 0.5 to 40% suspension:

3, under normal operating conditions, the spiral sedimentation centrifuge can automatically and continuously work, the installed capacity is large , operation and maintenance costs are lower.

It can be seen from the above that in practice, the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge greatly improves the production work power and can save the user a lot of cost. For this reason, the equipment has been fully developed in the market, coupled with the continuous absorption of some good foreign skills, the career has now made great progress.

Not only that, but with continuous research and innovation, the relevant technical personnel for the technical parameters of the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge, separation process, research and development of wear and corrosion resistance data, innovation of safety protection devices, I have done a lot of research and use. At present, the comprehensive skill level of research and development of horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuges in China has been greatly improved.